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We want to serve as your seller’s agent in Canton! We're known as the Tankersley Real Estate Team. We're a group of well-trained brokers who have years of experience individually. We're an excellent choice for you because, with us, you don't get just one expert. You'll have many of us all working toward helping you with your goals! What's not to love?

We're experts at selling homes – take a look at our online testimonials and reviews if you don't want to take it straight from us. We'll take care of you the right way if you let us. We listen intently to you to start the transaction off on the right foot.

Once we know what you want, we can get to work in earnest. We'll run a comparative market analysis to price your home, and then we'll list it on our agent resources to make sure the largest pool of buyers can see it. Then we'll stand by your home and defend it to buyers. Let us stand by you and negotiate so that you can come out on top of this transaction.

Let us be your seller's agent in Canton. Other brokerages would send you one solitary broker, but that's not how we work! Let us put our heads together for you. After all, it's as they say: many leaders are better than one. Call us today whether you're ready to sign on with us, or simply have some preliminary questions.

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